Diabetes diet ‘lowers blood sugar and aids weight loss’ says York nutritionist

New diet… Elaine Wilson
5 Jan 2014 @ 7.46 pm
| Health
New diet… Elaine Wilson
New diet… Elaine Wilson

York nutritional therapist Elaine Wilson has launched her own healthy eating programme which she says delivers remarkable benefits to people with diabetes.

Elaine says the diet she created helps diabetics to lower blood sugar levels and reduce their dependence on the drug insulin.

Her Rebalance website and book are launched this month. A pilot programme saw 13 people with Type 2 diabetes follow the diet, and both lower their blood-sugar levels and lose weight.

“Originally the eating programme was something I had devised for people who wanted to lose weight and eat healthier,” Elaine said.

“It was actually a client of mine with Type 1 diabetes who brought his results to my attention. He just happened to mention in a group session that he had been able to reduce his insulin intake while on the eating plan.”

‘I lost two stone’

Elaine, who is based at The Clinic On The Green in Clifton, York, believes advice that a diet should consist of 40 to 60 per cent carbohydrate should be revised. The Rebalance programme works by matching an individual’s carbohydrate intake with their daily needs.

Rev John Rendall, 70, a retired canon from Rufforth near York, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes five years ago and decided to try the Rebalance programme.

“I have lost two stone in three months and have been able to come off all the insulin I was on,” he said. “It’s such a simple way to diet and it’s completely turned things around for me.”

Elaine is now hoping the NHS will consider backing Rebalance when it is launched on January 6.

“I’m very excited,” she said. “The eating plan and the book have taken a lot of research and hard work.

“What started out as an interesting side benefit of my eating plan has now turned in to something I hope is going to bring a lot more freedom to those with diabetes.”