Cycle thefts at York Station up by a third

Cycle parking at York Station. Photograph © Google Street View
6 Aug 2019 @ 8.26 am
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Cycle thieves have increased their success rate at York Station, new figures reveal.

The number of bikes stolen from the railway station has increased by 33% between 2017-18 and 2018-19.

These figures were obtained by the BBC Shared Data Unit.

Figures for York Station

Rank (1 = most busy): 43
Annual footfall: 9.8m
Secure space for bikes: 626
Theft of bikes 2016-17: 12
Theft of bikes 2017-18: 9
Theft of bikes 2018-19: 12
Percentage increase 17-18 to 18-19: 33

In comparison to some stations York did well. St Albans in Hertfordshire had the highest number of bikes stolen in the last year, at 94.

In Yorkshire, a total of 446 bikes were stolen from 44 train stations over the three-year period.

Of the busiest stations in the region, Doncaster (50), Leeds (39), Hull (36), York (33) and Sheffield (20) had most thefts.

Nationally, the unit found that 16,725 bikes have been stolen from 1,245 railway stations over the past three financial years.

A British Transport Police spokesperson said:

  • Unfortunately, bicycles remain a popular target for opportunistic thieves and British Transport Police works closely with train operating companies to improve security at cycle storage facilities throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

    To help prevent crime, we urge cyclists to invest in good quality D-locks and ensure their bikes are securely marked and registered at

    Getting your cycle registered helps police trace recovered cycles and return them to their owners. Additionally, it makes your property less appealing to would-be thieves.

There’s more cycle security advice on the British Transport Police website.