Crowdfunding campaign to save ‘sweet little’ Bruno after owners couldn’t afford to treat him

28 Nov 2019 @ 8.09 am
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This is Bruno. He has a broken leg, but is otherwise healthy.

Sadly though his owners don’t have pet insurance. And when he fractured his leg they couldn’t afford the cost of treatment to fix it.

When even amputation – the cheaper option – proved too expensive they asked the vet to put Bruno to sleep.

But that vet – Paul Pemberton of Vets4Pets in Clifton Moor – wasn’t going to give up on Bruno as easily as that.

In a social media post, he said:

  • This seemed a terrible shame as the fracture is repairable and Bruno is the sweetest little dog.

    So we asked the owners to sign him over to us so we could look after him in the short term and see if we could raise the funds to fix his leg before rehoming him.

    We hope we can save Bruno and his leg.

Incredible response

Comfortable: Bruno
He launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £2,000 for Bruno’s treatment on Wednesday (27 November).

And by 8am today (Thursday) it had already raised nearly £800.

Paul called it an incredible response, and posted this update:

  • Thank you so much to everyone who has donated or shared.

    We’ve managed to negotiate a discount with the surgeon who will be fixing his leg so our target has come down by 20%.

He said Bruno was comfortable and enjoying the company of other dogs.

Vets4Pets said the case highlighted how important it was for pet owners to take out insurance to cover their animal’s health treatment.

You can donate to the JustGiving campaign to save Bruno here.