Comedian dreams up genius way to dodge York parking fine – celebrates with street party

Joe Lycett on Channel 4's 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown. Photograph: Channel 4 / YouTube
6 Nov 2015 @ 7.40 pm
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This is Joe Lycett. He is a stand up comedian who came up with the greatest ever way to get out of a parking ticket.

Joe told the story earlier this year on Channel 4 mash-up show 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

He was “up North doing a show” – the city being our own fair York – and returned to his car to find a parking ticket.

So he emailed City of York Council asking for evidence of illegal parking.

Colin from the council’s Freedom Of Information team emailed back with that evidence, namely “photographs of your car clearly parked in a taxi rank”.

Here is the photograph:

‘The evidence’
‘The evidence’

To which Joe countered:

I see that your evidence is nothing more than a picture of the words ‘taxi rank’ written on my car. I would argue this evidence is insufficient.

PS Apologies for the delay in replying to your previous email, I am currently on the Costa del Sol. I have provided evidence of this.

And here is Joe’s evidence:


But Colin at York council hadn’t given up. He emailed Joe back:

In order to reverse the fine, you will need to provide evidence that your vehicle was not in a taxi rank.

Joe was ready for this.

Evidence supplied. I was actually parked on the moon as you can see clearly.
Lunar proof
Lunar proof

To which Colin simply replied:

Mr Lycett,

I have cancelled the fine.



Hatching a plan

On Wednesday (November 4) Joe returned to York for a stand-up gig at The Duchess. He was pleased to be back, as he posted on Facebook…

Back in town… Photograph: Joe Lycett on Facebook
Back in town… Photograph: Joe Lycett on Facebook
I’m in York, the city where I got THAT parking fine. And I have a plan…

And at the end of his gig, he took the whole audience out to the scene of the entire drama and took this photograph:

Triumphant moment
Triumphant moment
LAST NIGHT: I parked AGAIN in the York taxi rank where I got THAT fine & took this pic with the whole audience

And the moment of triumph became all the sweeter a moment later:

So you know what to do next time you get a parking ticket. Tell the council you were parked on the moon – and they’ll cancel the fine!

You can see the original tale here.