Club fine York City star after he insults fans – and challenges one to a fight

19 Feb 2018 @ 4.46 pm
| Sport

York City midfielder Adriano Moke has been fined by the club for going to war with fans on social media.

After the humiliating 4-1 defeat to Curzon Ashton on Saturday, emotions ran high on social media and the controversial midfielder was right in the thick of it.

Moke is well known for being openly responsive to fans on social media, but this time one particular comment was judged to have crossed the line.

After posting a picture on Instagram of himself playing in Saturday’s match without a caption, fans responded angrily about the lack of comment on City’s unacceptable performance.

Soon after, Moke replied to one comment saying this…

Another fan posted a private message he received from Moke, which seems to suggest the midfielder was itching for a fight…

City take action

Moke apologises to the gaffer. Photograph © Ian Parker / Ice Photography

York City released a statement on Monday (Feburary 19) to say that Moke had been fined and warned about his future conduct following his comments.

The midfielder is said to have apologised to manager Martin Gray and the City supporters and has “expressed ‘sincere regret’ for his actions”.

Gray said:

I will not tolerate that sort of behaviour from any player at this football club. Adriano may have been emotional after a poor performance by the team on Saturday but that does not excuse his comments.

As a York City player, you are representing the club and the wider community and you need to maintain high standards. Adriano accepts that his comments fell below those standards.

Social media reacts

Few football fans have had to endure as much as the York City faithful over recent years.

So how does a player keep the fans on side when performances are so dreadful? Rule number 1: Don’t call a supporter ‘just a fan’.

Otherwise, you can expect get this kind of response: