City leader steps in to sort Virgin Media problems

Council leader David Carr and Conservative council candidate Paul Healey after inspecting the Virgin Media works on Scarcroft Road
4 May 2017 @ 10.49 am
| News, Politics

City leaders have met with Virgin Media to demand the company sort problems caused by its installation work in the city.

Leader of the council Cllr David Carr made it clear to Virgin Media that a number aspects of the work carried out by contractors on their behalf has been completely unacceptable.

He called Virgin Media’s executives into the city for meetings after many complaints from people in Micklegate ward.

Issues have included:

  • the lack of proper identification of contact numbers
  • instances of poor workmanship and the destabilising of neighbouring property
  • and the creation of unacceptable blockages on streets and pavements.

There have also been occasions of Virgin staff showing rudeness to residents.

‘Real shame’

Mr Healey at the site of another area of Virgin Media work

As a result of the council-Virgin Media discussions there are:

  • new badging and contact numbers
  • increased site visits by Virgin Media management
  • the removal of personnel from sites and apologies to residents

There have also been more visits by council enforcement officers.

Conservative council candidate for Micklegate Paul Healey said: “It’s a real shame that Virgin Media contracted out the work to substandard companies, but this clearly shows that when York residents need a voice to stand on their side the York Conservative-run council is there to act in their best interests.”

He said the council will continue to respond forcefully on behalf of residents, in addition to looking at providing extra funds for reinstatement works following completion of the project.