CCTV cameras to combat terror threat in Museum Gardens

7 Feb 2018 @ 8.41 pm
| History, News

Soon when you take a stroll round Museum Gardens it won’t just be the squirrels watching you from on high…

York Museums Trust, which owns the 10-acre botanical gardens, has applied for permission to install seven CCTV cameras in the park.

They are needed for security. “Due to the heightened threat level from terrorism, York Museum Trust has decided to investigate the possibility of installing external CCTV into various locations within the Museum Gardens,” say documents lodged with City of York Council.

“This system will communicate back to the city of York’s in house CCTV control room.”

Historic buildings

One of the cameras will be on the Hospitium

One of the cameras will be fitted to St Mary’s Lodge, near the Marygate entrance to the gardens.

Another will go on the Hospitium, two will be on the Yorkshire Museum, and there would be cameras on Tempest Anderson Hall, Manor Cottage, and the lodge at the main entrance.

A spokesperson for York Museums Trust said:

The trust has made an application to install cameras into York Museum Gardens following meetings and advice from law enforcement agencies.

The decision has been made to offer further protection to the public and to our historic buildings and monuments from any anti-social behaviour in the area.