Caravans pitch illegally on York stray

The caravans on Heworth Stray. Photograph: YorkMix
21 May 2019 @ 8.25 pm
| News

Two caravans have moved on to a York stray.

They arrived overnight on Monday (20 May) on Heworth Stray, close to the Malton Road-Heworth Green junction.

It is against regulations for people to camp on the stray. Heworth Without ward councillor Nigel Ayre reported the situation to City of York Council this morning.

Officials have since served them with an eviction order.

Tanya Lyon, the council’s community safety manager, told YorkMix:

  • Camping of any kind is prohibited on Heworth Stray. We were made aware that two caravans had arrived on Monday and a neighbourhood enforcement officer served them with a Direction to Leave Notice on the same day.

    This gives them 48 hours to move on before further action is taken.

The caravans were there at 5pm on Tuesday.