Car missing a tyre crashes in York – Driver arrested

20 Feb 2021 @ 10.33 am
| Crime

A car being driven while missing one of its tyres has crashed in York.

Police were alerted to the Mercedes C class by the members of the public who heard a scraping sound as it drove by.

Sgt Paul Cording reported on Twitter that he located the car – but the driver failed to stop.

It then drove off – and crashed into a parked Fiat 500.

“The reason for the ‘scraping noise’? No tyre at all on the front offside wheel!! Complete disregard for road safety,” Sgt Cording tweeted.

The driver remains in custody. A sample of their blood has been sent for analysis.

“I feel sorry for the innocent owner of the Fiat the suspect hit,” Sgt Cording added.

“Through no fault of her own her pride and joy has been badly damaged by someone’s completely reckless actions. I hope she gets it sorted very soon.”