Can you help Snowball Plantation rebuild after vandal attack?

The mess left inside Snowball Plantation lodge after the vandals broke in
10 Dec 2015 @ 8.50 pm
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The damage caused by vandals to the Snowball Plantation runs into thousands of pounds – and now a fundraising campaign has been launched to raise the money to put things right.

In the early hours of Friday, December 4, the York Scout Activity Centre at Stockton On The Forest – known to families everywhere as the Snowball Plantation – was broken into.

Vandals forced entry into several of the buildings on site, smashing damage to doors, windows, security equipment and activity facilities.

But organisers say they are now in a position to use the camping areas.

North Yorkshire Police crime scene officers have carried out detailed investigations at the site, and snowball volunteers are working closely with detectives.

Many scout and guide activities have been cancelled and the lodge is likely to be unavailable till mid-January.

One of the damaged doors
One of the damaged doors
Glass smashed
Glass smashed

Volunteer Max Butler said:

Although we are not currently in a position to outline the full extent of the damage we can estimate it will cost thousands of pounds to repair.

The Snowball management team have now set up a page on Just Giving to fundraise for repairs and enhance security across site.

We would like to thank everybody for their kind comments on social media and offers of support, it is always positive to see the Scouting community coming together, despite the circumstances.