March in York to demand a second Brexit vote

Photograph: York For Europe
6 Nov 2018 @ 4.48 pm
| News, Politics

Hundreds of people are expected to take to York’s streets at the weekend to demand another vote on Brexit.

Campaign group York for Europe has organised the demo calling for a referendum on the final deal to leave the EU.

They also want to highlight concerns about the negative consequences of Brexit and to demand “a rethink on the disastrous course our government has charted”.

People’s Vote March in York

The People’s Vote March in York aims to underline the message sent by the 700,000 turnout at the national march in London last month.

Organisers want to “sound the alarm that Brexit under any deal will impact on Yorkshire communities far more than in many other parts of the country”.

After the march there will be a rally in St Helen’s Square which will be addressed by speakers including former York Labour MP Sir Hugh Bayley and Sheffield artist, performer and ‘EU Super Girl’ Madeleina Kay.

‘Not what we voted for’

Chairman of York for Europe Martin Brooks points out that Bank of England Governor Mark Carney says every UK household has already taken a £900 hit as the economy has shrunk since the Brexit vote.

And the Government’s own leaked impact assessment suggests Brexit would lead to a 7% drop in GDP for Yorkshire and the Humber, leaving less money for the NHS and other vital public services.

Martin said:

  • Instead of extra money for the NHS, we face a trade deal with the US which will see our NHS sold to American corporations.

    Instead of exciting new trade opportunities are government is preparing for food and medicine shortages.

    Instead of taking back control we face a future of rules taking, having to accept substandard food, poor environmental standards and US style ‘hire and fire’ employment practices.

    This isn’t what anyone voted for and it’s only democratic to allow people a chance to rethink.

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