Cabinet: New council housing Business Plan sets investment priorities

4 Feb 2013 @ 7.52 pm
| News

Issued by City of York Council

City of York Council’s cabinet is being asked to approve the new Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Business Plan for the next 30 years. This sets out in detail how the council will invest council tenant rent and the key priorities for the next five years, including the creation of an investment fund to support the delivery of more affordable new homes.

The Business Plan demonstrates that for the next 30 years the council can continue to invest in its housing stock and meet the needs of present and future tenants. Key investment priorities are to invest:

  • £6 million to build new council houses
  • £1 million to address overcrowding
  • £41.5 million improving its homes over the next five years
  • £33 million in repairs and cyclical maintenance over the next five years.

Cabinet is being asked to agree in principle the release of £6 million from the HRA investment fund for a first phase of building new council houses to help deliver some of the much-needed affordable homes. It’s requested to agree an investment of £1 million to carry out loft conversions to help address overcrowding issues in some council homes, while the capital programme for the housing stock sets out an investment of over £41.5 million in the next five years to improve the council’s housing stock for works such as improvement and modernisation under Tenants’ Choice, re-roofing, new windows and sustainability works targeted at addressing fuel poverty. The plan also sets out investment of £33 million for responsive repairs a nd cyclical maintenance of its 8,000 homes.

The investment set out in this report – of just over £80 million over the next five years in construction-related activities to maintain its existing homes and build new homes – will have a major impact in sustaining and creating jobs and stimulating York’s economy. Recent research has estimated that for every £1 spent on construction, £2.84 is generated in additional economic activity and this level of investment will help create much-needed jobs.

The report also identifies other areas for further investment including the council’s landlord services, supported housing, adaptations to tenant homes, securing tenant involvement and the council’s information services.

Councillor Tracey Simpson-Laing, Cabinet Member for Health, Housing and Adult Social Services said: “This business plan demonstrates the priority the council places on providing quality, sustainable homes. It also clearly sets out the intentions of the council to lead the way in kick-starting the construction industry in York. It will provide much-needed, affordable housing within the city and it will continue to maintain and improve the existing council homes.”

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