Britain’s second-best burgers to come to York in new restaurant

Well, yum. A Burgsy's burger
22 Feb 2019 @ 7.51 am
| Food & drink

If you are a burger fan, we have some news to give you that Friday Feeling.

Burgsy’s in Whitby serves up the second-best burgers in Britain – and it is about to open a restaurant in York.

The Burgsy’s burger house is moving in to Castlegate, and hopes to open in April.

This American-themed venue, which prides itself on its local quality meat and homemade sauces, was voted by Tripadvisor last year as the second best UK burger joint.

Marta and her husband Patryk in the Whitby restaurant
Burgsy’s began when Marta Gemra, 33, and her husband Patryk, 34, opened a burger van on a Whitby industrial estate in 2014.

Word got around about how tasty they were and soon people from all over the seaside town were queuing up to taste the burgers.

Burgsy’s was opened on Grape Lane in 2015. And now they are bringing their winning flavours to the city.

The Whitby Burgsy’s

And the Castlegate premises which will become the York version

Marta said:

  • We have had a wonderful three years running the restaurant here but the premises only houses 18 seats and we wanted to expand.

    Whitby is brilliant for custom in the summer and we are extremely grateful for the time we have spent here, but we felt that we needed to work in a city if we were to move forward.

    We have visited York many times together and fell in love with the city, and think we have found the ideal spot.

    Many people came from York to eat our burgers in Whitby so we knew there was a market here.

Local jobs

Anyone hungry?
They are looking to employ local people in the York restaurant.

“Me and Patryk spend most our time in the kitchen and we are hoping to expand our menu, adding in some more starters and a full bar, so we will need front of house and kitchen staff,” Marta said.

“From the very beginning, our mission has been to serve simple food – well. We prepare everything from scratch, hand-make our burgers, cook our own sauces, and use local ingredients that are fresh and of great quality.

“We love using local suppliers when creating our food and drink, so we are on the lookout for finding local producers in and around York.”