‘Bringing people together’: Neighbourhood Forum launched for Acomb and Westfield

Steering group members launch the new Neighbourhood Forum for Acomb and Westfield wards at Acomb Explore Library. From left: Jan Conde (Fishponds Wood), Fiona Williams (Acomb Explore), Joe Gardham (Social Vision), Cllr Stuart Barnes, Mike Heyworth (Chair) Rev. Pete Vivash, Cllr Keith Myers, Katie Lomas (Secretary) and Louise Ennis (Vice Chair)
15 Mar 2018 @ 8.30 am
| Community news

Everyone who lives or works within the Acomb and Westfield ward will be members of the new Neighbourhood Forum, it was agreed at its launch on Saturday (March 10).

And members will be able to vote on the Neighbourhood Plan that will be developed in consultation with local residents, businesses and community groups.

Acomb Explore Library hosted the event with local speakers sharing their visions for meeting needs.

Architect Phil Bixby, who led the My Castle Gateway consultation in the city, explored how local people can make a difference by getting involved in neighbourhood planning.

Acomb councillors Stuart Barnes and Keith Myers talked about the challenges and opportunities in Acomb ward and the need for recreational outdoor space and cultural facilities.

Joe Gardham of Social Vision focused on social business models that could provide young people, start-ups and small businesses with skills, training, support and premises.

Launch attendees also shared their views on a number of local issues, from heritage, housing, health and environment, to business, education, community and culture.

“We are delighted with the response from local people wanting to join the forum,” said chair Dr Mike Heyworth.

“This is a community plan – led by residents – and it’s our chance to make a difference to where we live and work.”

Vice chair Louise Ennis, said:

The support for the campaign to save the Carlton Tavern made it abundantly clear that Acomb has a very strong identity and residents really identify with its history. Now we can protect that village character for the future.

Acomb has a busy library and cafe, an extensive and varied shopping area with a popular farmers’ market, and a beautiful village green.

But most importantly we have a huge helping of community spirit. We’re all very excited that the forum is up and running and we can bring people together to start to make the most of Acomb’s potential.

Join for free on the forum’s website here.