Bootham Crescent stands in for Nazi Olympic stadium in new film – and the internet has a field day

8 Aug 2017 @ 6.24 pm
| Sport

Both were built in the 1930s but there, you might think, the similarities end.

Yet Bootham Crescent is now standing in for the Olympiastadion in Berlin, the huge stadium built by the Nazis to stage the 1936 Olympics.

This week York City’s ground is providing the backdrop for a “period sporting drama” set around the infamous games.

The club itself is not saying much. Here’s its statement in full:

York City are pleased to advise that we are currently hosting the filming of a period drama with the stadium mocked up to represent the Berlin Olympic Stadium of 1936.

The filmmakers, yet to be identified, will be at the ground for the next two weeks. No media are being allowed inside during this time.

Notorious event

The Berlin stadium in the 1936 games. Photograph © Wikipedia

The 1936 Olympics were the most notorious of the modern era.

Adolf Hitler saw the games as an opportunity to promote his government and ideals of racial supremacy. He originally banned black and Jewish athletes but allowed them to compete only after a threatened international boycott.

In the best possible rebuff to the Nazi regime, African-American athlete Jesse Owens won four gold medals in the sprint and long jump events and became the most successful athlete to compete in Berlin.

The stadium is still in use. Since 1963, it has been the home ground of the Hertha BSC football team and has hosted World Cup games in 1974 and 2006.

Bootham Crescent

City: York

Opened: 1932

Capacity: 8,256

Unusual feature: Hospitality boxes face the car park not the pitch

Special event: Hosted the 2013 FA Women’s Premier League Cup Final when Aston Villa beat Leeds United

The Olympiastadion

City: Berlin

Opened: 1936

Capacity: 110,000

Unusual feature: Special stand built for Adolf Hitler and his associates

Special event: Hosted the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final when Italy beat France 5-3 on penalties

Best repsonses

Bootham Crescent from the air. Photograph © YouTube
The news has caused a lot of mischief on social media.

People have been putting their own spin on the news, referencing everything from tonight’s away game at Blyth Spartans to classic movie Escape To Victory. Here are some of our favourites…