Bit chilly out! Temperatures drop to -7C in York

11 Feb 2021 @ 8.18 am
| Weather

If you have to go out today, be careful. It’s cold and slippy out there.

Temperatures fell to -7ºC in York this morning.

The mercury plummet was confirmed by the York Weather Station on Twitter, which recorded -7.3ºC at 8.06am.

And Osbaldwick Observation Station recorded -6.3ºC at about the same time.

But York was far from the coldest place in the UK overnight.

The mercury dropped to minus 21.4C (minus 6.5F) in Braemar, Aberdeenshire, the coldest temperature recorded in the UK since 2 December 2010.

It’ll soon warm up, mind. Temperatures are due to reach a balmy 2ºC before dropping to -4ºC overnight.

After a chilly weekend, expect things to warm up sharpish – with a high of 11ºC predicted for Tuesday.

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