Bid to outlaw parking on pavements across York

This picture taking in Huntington is from the Park like a twa I mean idiot in York Facebook group

Parking on the pavement in York could become illegal if a councillor gets his way.

Leaving a vehicle parked half on and half off the pavement is currently only illegal in London.

But Cllr Peter Dew (Con, Rawcliffe and Clifton Without) said blocked pavements cause problems for pedestrians in York and, at times, means they are forced to walk on the road alongside traffic.

Speaking at a City of York Council meeting Cllr Dew, the executive member for transport and planning, said: “I and officers concerned are supporting a move to make parking on the pavement illegal here in York.

“Because of the problems it causes a lot of people with mobility difficulties, people in wheelchairs, people with children, I certainly wouldn’t support any parking on footpaths.”

Putting pedestrians in danger

Cllr Dew said the council was approached by Guide Dogs for the Blind as part of their national campaign against pavement parking.

While causing an obstruction is an offence that can be dealt with by the police, it remains a problem.

Cllr Dew said:

  • I can understand why people do it, they think they are out of the way of traffic, but they are not thinking about pedestrians.

    They have to go out on to the road and it is putting pedestrians in danger. I would like to say let’s educate people, but if we can’t we are going to have to push the government into bringing in legislation.

The Highway Code says drivers must not park on the pavement in London and should not do so outside the capital unless signs permit it.