‘Awesome, adorable!’ Video of York City ballgirl’s first game goes viral

Mission accomplished! Charlotte at Bootham Crescent in a still from her dad's video
27 Feb 2018 @ 7.35 pm
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Miserable managers and preening Premiership millionaires can sometimes leave a football fan disheartened by the state of the beautiful game.

But then something like this comes along and restores your faith in all things footie.

This video was taken by Anthony Rafferty on his daughter Charlotte’s debut as a ball girl at York City.

“Her instructions were, ‘if the ball comes near you give it to a player’,” her dad said.

[arve url=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zVWNJi8anAv9yX3p1MGUBd5KWmS5lAIcrQ/preview” mode=”normal” title=”Charlotte the star ball girl” /]

And that was exactly what she did. When the ball goes out of play behind the goal she picks up the ball, walks purposefully to the goalkeeper and, with great care, hands it to him personally.

After being tweeted out on Monday (February 26) by Football Chants and The Away Fans the video went viral.

By Tuesday night (February 27) it had been watched more than 430,000 times, with 11K likes – and that follows 462K views on Facebook.

Couldn’t believe it

Charlotte, eight, plays for the York Elite Girls Squad who were asked to be ballgirls for the York City vs Brackley Town match last October.

Dad Anthony admitted he was nervous for her before kick-off. “I stood behind her to make sure she knew what to do. That’s me shouting ‘go get it Charlotte’.

“I couldn’t believe I’d captured it on video – it was the only footage I took of the whole game. There was a few seconds just after she lifted the ball that I thought she was going to bring it back to me!”

People loved the fact that Brackley goalkeeper responded in such a sporting way.

And the smile that breaks out on Charlotte’s face when she gets a huge round of applause from the City fans in the David Longhurst stand is sheer magic.

What does she think of it now? “She’s still very proud of being a ballgirl and that the crowd cheered her.”

Here’s some of the reaction…