Art and style combine at gallery for Fashion City York

Art and fashion from Meiji
3 Apr 2017 @ 9.46 pm
| Entertainment, Fashion

A York gallery will stage a different exhibition this week – as fashion becomes art.

As part of Fashion City York’s Six Days of Style, city textile artists Natalie Herbert and Ruth Gibbs, founders of luxury design brand Meiji Designs, are taking over the windows at Lotte Inch Gallery.

Specialising in hand-dyed and printed silk scarves and kimonos the design duo’s display will be in place at the Bootham gallery between Tuesday and Sunday (April 4-9).

Scarves and kimonos

The gallery will showcase their latest silk scarves and kimonos.

Starting on a blank canvas of white silk, each item is hand made at their studio in York.

The nature of the printing and dyeing techniques applied by the designers means the finished products are completely unique and are unable to be mass produced or replicated, “almost turning them into works of art”.

Hand made… Meiji scarves

As part of the take-over, Meiji Designs and Lotte Inch Gallery invite everyone to join them on Friday, April 7, from 4pm-7pm for a glass of wine and the opportunity to view their latest products in the gallery.

There’s a 10% discount to all who attend.