The art to see in York right now – August 2017

Summer Shore, screenprint by Angie Lewin from Lotte Inch's Summer Showcase
14 Aug 2017 @ 11.03 am
| Entertainment

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. Kids are playing and the tourist count is high.

Oh, the variety of exhibitions on offer is rich, and the work is (generally) good-looking.

So hush, little York-art-lovers, don’t you cry…

A master of pastel @ Kentmere House

A familiar scene for any York Races fans. Painting by David Greenwood.

David Greenwood is a pastel artist who has spent years exploring the streets of York through his artwork.

Adapting his style to a variety of subject matters, from cityscapes to landscapes, portraiture to animal portraiture, his exceptional use of colour and energetic approach is captivating and atmospheric.

Find his work at Kentmere House Gallery right now.

A summer showcase @ Lotte Inch

Catching A Mouse, Emily Sutton

This month the Lotte Inch gallery has teamed up with an innovative textile manufacturer to bring us a summer showcase brimming with colour, creative patterns and playful imagery.

Founded by Simon and Angie Lewin, St Jude’s has developed its range of stunning textiles by collaborating over the years with an eclectic mix of artists.

The show features the household names of Mark Hearld, Emily Sutton, Angie Lewin, Jonny Hannah & Clive Hicks-Jenkins. Catch it at the gallery until 16 September.

Technologically traditional @ According to McGee

Little Warriors, John Creighton

The traditional and the technological have been jostling for pride of place in the world of contemporary arts for years, but John Creighton is one artist who has chosen to embrace them both.

Using a deliberately limited number of drawn pictorial elements and improvising his arrangements using computer programmes and an iPad, this artist marries these potentially conflicting sets of artistic principles beautifully.

Celebrate Creighton’s innovations at According to McGee this month.

Ceramics @ Pyramid Gallery

The Clever Fox – porcelain sculpture by Blandine Anderson

Another collaborative show will be happening this month in the form of the Pyramid Gallery‘s Summer Exhibition, which has been curated by York artist and upholsterer, Jo Walton.

The impressive collection of intricate ceramics has been assembled from a variety of artists and potters with equally varying styles, some of which are truly surprising.

The show runs until 4 September.

A new world @ The New School House Gallery

Painting by Edward Grant

The latest work from Leeds college of Art Graduate, Edward Grant, is now on display at the New School House Gallery.

The exhibition, When The Image Is New, The World Is New, is a collection of pieces created in the gallery itself, which served as a studio space for the artist earlier this year.

An additional boon to this exhibition is the gallery’s decision to offer refreshments following the success of their recent pop-up cafe/bar.

So you can replenish yourself in every sense at this exhibition until Saturday 12 August.

Foundation Myths @ York Art Gallery

Foundation Myths by Charles Holland (image © Anthony Chappel-Ross)

Summer being the perfect time to get out of doors, it is also the perfect time to visit York Art Gallery’s outdoor installation, Foundation Myths, if you haven’t done so already.

The first of a series of installations specially designed for the gallery’s recently opened Artists’ Garden, this show has been created by Charles Holland of Ordinary Architecture, in answer to the rich history of the site itself and its relationship to the gallery.

Art Events @ York Art Gallery

York Art Gallery. Photograph: Giles Rocholl / York Museums Trust

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in something arty this summer, and York Art Gallery is pulling out all the stops to entertain artistic folk and families throughout August.

Kids can get creative in the gallery’s daily paper plate decorating workshops, running 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm throughout the month.

On Hogarth

Beer Street (1751), an iconic image by Willaim Hogarth

This month the gallery will also host the Friends of York Art Gallery monthly talk with Peter Gibbard.

This month the subject is the painting Elizabeth Betts by William Hogarth, one of England’s most iconic satirical artists of all time.

The talk shines a light on an artist who is famed for hiding rich layers of meaning within highly charged images.

Catch it on Wednesday 23 August at 12.30pm-1pm.