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I did my 16 weeks at Imphal in 1986 for thè kings regiment. I joined at 16 as a junior Soldier first at Ousten in Newcastle . Then Imphal barracks then left for my battalion .

Hello I am looking for a photo of my partner when he was in the TA all I have is minden platoon ‘c’ coy CIC (TA) no:12 ITB strensall queen Elizabeth barracks,strensall,York 29th may- 12th June 1993 I do hope you can help me

I did my 16 weeks training there for the green Howard’s in 1989

I am in full agreement with you Colin Mcnichol,
I did my sixteen weeks Basic Training there 1969 (Quebec Platoon) Platoon Sergeant was Sgt Dowdall, “There’s only one Hard Scouser in this platoon and thats me!” (his words) I can remember it like it was yesterday!
Sad days on the horizon for many like me.

Hart D N Ex Kings Own Border Regt

I did my basic training there for 1PWO in the winter of 1986.

Any of the old boys from Imphal platoon who passed out in January 9th 1976 out there. Our platoon commander was lt Gouldstone and sgt Fleming. I’m ranger David James.

Where can i get my passing out photo from 1976 impahal platoon

I’ve still got mine. Are you David holt who passed out Jan 9th 1976 at queen Elizabeth barracks srensall. You were in the kings division. In training your platoon commander was lt gouldstone.

Try Edgar of York photographer 73 heslington road York yo15ax

I can get address for you

What a beautiful place these barracks are spent beginning and end of my army career there what waste and stupid decision they have made you have everything there ranges moorland for dry training lots of land mps don’t have a clue what the hell there doing too a wonderful place like this