Angry Teessiders hit out at York for ‘declaring war’ on their ‘rowdy’ trips to the city

19 Sep 2019 @ 7.49 am
| News, Politics

Well that escalated quickly.

It began with a plan by City of York Council to introduce the Purple Flag scheme to curb stag and hen parties and make the city safer at night.

But according to Middlesbrough-based news website Teesside Live that amounts to York ‘declaring war on rowdy Teessiders flocking to stag and hen parties in ancient city’.

Not surprisingly, that led to some robust comments by readers. Here are just some of the comments the article provoked…

What a clown, these comments underline the incompetence of local councillors. To suggest that all the rowdies are coming from Teesside is without proof is a joke. I lived near York and believe me Hooray Henry’s can be very rowdy.

York has become the new Yarm for the lager top drinking Chavs.

Its got problems like everywhere else has,but don’t blame teessiders mate you might just put us all off visiting your lovely city

Good luck York! I remember Blackpool declaring war on stag and hen doo’s!! It’s now a ghost town and full of unemployed!

Just a doyle councillor trying to get re elected and glossing over all the cash we bring. Someone needs to open a parmo joint down there.

Overrated expensive place anyway,best off staying on the train and getting off in Leeds,far better night out

During the day it’s great, however at night, it’s almost unrecognisable and things turn nasty. It’s always been that way, not just a recent thing and it’s not just Teesside’s, stag n hen do’s come from all over. It’s a policing thing, not a blame Teesside excuse.

Yeah Teessiders might be wild but it’s not always Teessiders that cause trouble, also what’s his problem surely he should be happy that we want to spend our hard earned cash in his city!

There’s no way in a million years I’d dream of going to York on a Saturday, I’ve seen the state of some of the idiots getting off the train on a Saturday night and had to deal with the aftermath, om not saying its everybody but they know what they are getting into by going to York on a Saturday.

Lets not mince words. York has a well-educated civilised population while Middlesbrough/Stockton has low-educated uncivilised morons.