Anger over plans to route construction traffic next to park

An aerial view of the River Ouse and Rowntree Park showing Terry Avenue and Clementhorpe. Photograph © Google Street View

Residents living near a flood defence scheme say construction traffic for the project will have a “heavy impact” on their streets for a year and a half.

Under the plans for flood alleviation works in Clementhorpe, trucks and vans would drive down Butcher Terrace to the site compound, which will be based on land at the end of the road near Millennium Bridge.

The vehicles would then drive down a section of Terry Avenue next to Rowntree Park to get to the construction area. Some traffic would also reach the site from Clementhorpe.

But residents living on Butcher Terrace, Terry Street and Finsbury Street are calling for an alternative route to be used.

‘A heavy impact’

Terry Avenue in York. Photograph © Allan Harris on Flickr
Tristan Moss said he and his neighbours have collected 136 signatures for a petition, calling on the Environment Agency to reconsider the plans.

He said it was astonishing that many people didn’t even know about the plans, adding:

  • We understand the need for the flood defences.

    But we don’t understand why our area should have to bear such a heavy impact.

    We would rather it was re-routed. Possibly they could use industrial barges coming through from St George’s Field.

    We are not just talking about the vehicles for the flood defences but also for the hotel and the campervan park.

    We could take it for three or four months but 18 months is a long time.

He said residents have questions over the scheme including asking how many vehicles are expected to use the road, what safety measures will be put in place, whether any trees removed will be replaced and why other access routes have been ruled out.

‘Options limited’

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said the area is at high risk of flooding and access options for the site are limited.

He added:

  • An allocation of funding to York following the flooding of winter 2015 has given us a once in a lifetime opportunity to deliver a flood alleviation scheme in Clementhorpe and it remains a priority.

    Our aim is to better protect Clementhorpe, one of the city’s few undefended communities, from its existing flood risk and the future implications of climate change.

A planning application has been submitted for the scheme and residents can view the proposals and have their say at

The EA spokesman said that the most viable option for the flood defences construction is to use Butcher Terrace.

“We will continue to work with City of York Council’s Highways Department, and listen to the views of local groups and residents to ensure our work causes the least disruption possible, as well as minimising environmental impact.”