Anger on Fossgate as windows smashed and human excrement left in doorway

The smashed door at Cosy Time on Fossgate. Photographs: David Dunning
2 Dec 2018 @ 5.47 pm
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Traders on a thriving York street expressed their anger today after vandals targeted a number of businesses.

Several windows were smashed overnight on Fossgate, and human waste was left in the doorway of the Cake Shop And Tea House.

The Blue Bicycle – undergoing refurbishment so it can open for the first time since it was devastated by the Christmas floods of 2015 – had a window smashed.

And the glass panel of the door to Cosy Time was broken too.

Annette Harker runs the Cake Shop. She came in at 9am on Sunday (December 2) to prepare it for opening at 11am.

A window smashed on the Blue Bicycle

She told David Dunning of Minster FM:

  • The first thing we noticed as we parked the car was human excrement in the doorway – a pretty nasty thing to come into.

    We noticed on the pavement there was a lot of glass and looked next door at Cosy Time, and their front door had been smashed in.

    So we rang the police and they came out pretty promptly.

More CCTV needed

Not a nice thing to come into on a Sunday morning – Cosy Time
Annette said things were getting worse on Fossgate. “On Saturday it was really bad – the noise levels, drunken people at about half past four… it was really rowdy.”

On a previous Saturday afternoon, drunken people were blocking the road.

She called on City of York Council to bring in CCTV down the street “to catch people who are doing things like this,” adding: “It’s not acceptable at all.”

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