‘An evening of celebration’ – York LGBT Forum to stage its first big theatre show

Headliner: Beth McCarthy
7 May 2018 @ 5.12 pm
| Entertainment

The York LGBT Forum is to stage its first ever large scale theatrical event – and is promising it will be ‘an emotional rollercoaster’.

Bring On Tomorrow will be staged at York Barbican on Sunday, July 8 and will combine some of the history of the LGBT movement with great music.

It is the brainchild of writer and director Steven Clark.

“The show covers the Stonewall Riots, HIV in the Eighties, the hate crime we still face today around the world, the stigma and perception of transgender and the devastating ordeals LGBT people had to face during World War II,” he said.

“It is an evening of poignancy, but also an evening of celebration.

“It is an emotional rollercoaster but at the heart of it is a sense of love and belonging that unites a community and recognises individuality, acceptance and diversity.”

A joyous moment

York Barbican. Photograph: YorkMix

The York LGBT Forum were chosen by City of York Council to obtain the Barbican free of charge as part of their concessions dates.

Bring On Tomorrow

York Barbican

Sun July 8, 2018

£15.55 – £25.55

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Forum co-chair Lisa Kelly describes learning of that decision as “a joyous moment”.

“We would never have been able to do anything on this scale without them and the support from the team at the Barbican has been overwhelming,” she said.

Steven has set the show to a selection of songs from the musicals. “Everyone loves a show tune,” he said.

“They make you smile, they make you laugh, they make you cry – and each one has a special story to tell.”

Among the music are songs from Blood Brothers, Hairspray, Soho Cinders, Chess, Les Miserables and Love Never Dies.

Mr Gay Europe to host

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/IcecrKBsV9E” title=”Mr Gay Europe England 2017″ /]

Bring On Tomorrow will feature a large live orchestra under the helm of musical director Ben Papworth and is to be hosted by some big names from the LGBT world and straight alleys.

Mr Gay Europe, Matt Rood, Mr Gay Scotland, Steven Whyte and HIV activist Jonathan Blake will travel from London to take part. Meanwhile York recording artist Beth McCarthy will headline the show as a co-host and singing a song from the musical, Finding Neverland.

Steve can’t wait to showcase Bring On Tomorrow:

I have a wonderful cast of local talent including strong vocalists, Matthew Ainsworth, Vix Lightfoot, Megan Conway, Perri-Ann Barley and Katie Melia.

I have an excellent company including some new faces such as Stefan Grant, Wayne Dawson, Craig Barley, Jess Main, Emma Louise Lane and Pat Mortimer.

I then have established performers such as Steven Tearle who does a heartbreaking rendition of Bring Him Home from Les Miserables.

‘An evening for everyone’

The York LGBT Forum holds various groups throughout York that help LGBT people with issues such as mental health, hate crime, transgender and ageing without children.

They have specialised groups that work tirelessly with schools and young people in the community and run initiatives such as a young writer’s competition, camping and photography workshops, weekly and monthly social events and much more.

All proceeds from Bring On Tomorrow will go to support the York LGBT Forum and the work it does.

“Whether you are LGBTQ+ or not, this evening is for everyone. It is full of passion and great musical songs,” Steven said. “It is an evening not to be missed, you will go out happy and fulfilled, we promise.

“It’s a show that needs to be seen and everyone deserves the chance to be happy and feel equal and accepted. We tell our audience don’t hide your heart.”