All York bus ticket sales grow

6 Sep 2013 @ 3.12 pm
| News

Issued by City of York Council

As the All York bus ticket recently celebrated its first birthday, the All York Management Committee is pleased to announce ticket sales have grown by more than 500 per cent since July 2012.

Over the last year the suite of tickets available has also grown and in addition to the Adult Day and Family tickets, it now also includes Adult Week and Young Person’s Day products.

Thanks to good partnership working between the council and participating bus operators, the £4.50 introductory offer has been retained, leading to an increasing sales trend and over 3,000 tickets sold between May and July 2013.

The All York ticket is designed not to undercut individual operators’ products. Instead, it substantially improves the offer for people who need or want to use the services of multiple bus companies.

The All York Young Person’s August special offer was agreed by the management committee to enable teenagers on holiday or working to get about cheaply and conveniently by bus.

Simon Pearson, Commercial Director at First York, said: “We sold over 12,000 Young Person’s tickets this August, which represents a significant growth in passenger numbers for this age group compared to August 2012.”

John Carr, the Independent Chair of the York Quality Bus Partnership said: “The All York ticket family has made a solid start and the Management Group is carefully reviewing the lessons of its first year.

“These tickets make a small but important contribution to sustainable travel in the city.”

The city’s bus operators and the council continue to work together to explore new opportunities to increase the number of people travelling on York’s buses and through the Better Bus Area Fund (government funding awarded to the council in 2012).


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