Alan’s pop quiz: how many can you answer?

local celebrity and quiz aficionado Alan Leach
28 Jun 2013 @ 2.11 pm
| Entertainment, Quiz
Can you match minds with Alan?
Can you match minds with Alan?


Think you know your music? Test your brains against chart supremo and trivia champ Alan Leach with our Mix Six pop quiz. No prizes, so don’t phone in.

1. What three digit number preceded the word ‘State’ to make up the name of a British electronic music outfit popular in the 90s?

2. Who went on to have seven top 10 UK singles after finishing 3rd in the first series of Fame Academy?

3. What was ‘on the water’ and ‘in your eyes’ according to hits by Deep Purple and Bryan Ferry in the 1970s?

4. Who’s debut album was entitled ‘The decline of British sea power’?

5. What type of animal used clogs to make a ‘Clip clipperty clop’ noise on the stair according to an old song?

6. What rock band took their name from a warning label on an electric sewing machine?

Scroll down for the answers.


1. 808 (State); 2. Lemar; 3. Smoke; 4. British Sea Power; 5. Mouse; 6. AC/DC