Aged 11 to 18? Want to shape our city? York Youth Council needs you

24 Sep 2014 @ 8.01 am
| Politics

Do you want to change York for the better? Do you have opinions on what York has to offer young people, and what more it could do?

Then you’re an ideal candidate for York Youth Council.

The youth council is looking for new members to join this year’s group which represents the city’s young people and their interests.

york-youth-council-busesIt will host an information event on Wednesday, September 24 from 5.30pm to 7pm at West Offices. Existing council members will be on hand to talk about their roles and work.

Representing the youth council provides people aged 11 to 18 with a great opportunity to have their voices heard on issues that are important to them.

Over the last year, the Youth Council has campaigned to tackle bullying, for better bus services and for schools to offer “breathing spaces” – areas where pupils can go if they feel bullied, stressed or need a place to relax.

Being part of the youth council offers a wide range of opportunities to use your skills or learn new ones including web design, speaking at York’s Head Teachers’ Conference, giving radio interviews and the chance to become a member of the national Youth Parliament and to speak in the House of Commons.

  Anyone of secondary school up to 18 years old who lives within the City of York Council’s boundaries can stand for the York Youth Council

  For more details visit the youth council website