Aerobatic fireworks and monster truck rides – spectacular two day family festival planned for York

Ready to light up the York skies, the Twister Aerobatics team. Photograph: Paul Johnson/ Flightline UK
11 Oct 2015 @ 5.38 pm
| Entertainment

Stunt planes that shoot fireworks from their wings will fly over York as the finale to a spectacular new family festival for York.

Show In The Park 2016

York Racecourse

Sat Jul 30 & Sun Jul 31 2016 @ 11am-10pm

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The night-time pyrotechnic displays by the Twister Aerobatics Team is only one of many events and attractions lined up for the first Show In The Park next summer.

Featuring everything from giant monster truck rides to a petting zoo, the two-day event at York Racecourse is set to be an impressive addition to the calendar.

It is the brainchild of John Lowery, operations director of Events & Attractions.

He told YorkMix:

At the moment everything in York’s a music festival.

They’re great. But I didn’t think there was a show that was all about family entertainment.

There will be music at Show In The Park too – a One Direction tribute band on the first evening, and a Take That tribute the second.

Tickets go on sale from November 10. So what’s planned?

The attractions

Twister Aerobatics Team

The Twister Aerobatic Team have been performing their aerial ballets over the skies of Europe for five years.

At Show In The Park they will follow the music concerts each evening, lighting up the night sky with with specially developed pyrotechnic effects streaming from the aircraft’s wingtips.

Red Dragon Monster Ride Truck

You might have seen a monster truck before. But have you ridden in one?

The 11ft-high Red Dragon Monster Ride Truck has ten seats so you can climb aboard as it crushes its way along a fleet of old cars.

Granny Turismo

The world’s first – and only – shopping trolley dance display team, Granny Turismo have been surprising and entertaining audiences since 2009.

Horse displays

Rosie and her horse entertain the crowd
Rosie and her horse entertain the crowd

Not all the stunts are petrol-powered. The galloping horse displays sees grace and daring combine in one unique spectacle.

Only One Direction

The real One Direction may be taking a break, but this tribute band are keeping the flame alive.

Only One Direction are the first of two tribute bands to play at Show In The Park. They’re booked for the Saturday night.

The Take That Experience

Described by John as the “best Take That tribute band in Europe”, The Take That Experience will play on the Sunday evening.

Dingle Fingle

Clown Dingle Fingle is also a law enforcement officer who uses his rather special car to catch Slippery Sid the thief.

Other entertainment

Ridgeside Falconry, one of many creature features at the show
Ridgeside Falconry, one of many creature features at the show

As well as stalls and refreshments, other attractions lined up for the first Show In The Park include…

BMX stunt teams
A funfair
Circus workshops
A petting zoo
Vintage cars
Flame throwers
Donkey rides
A falconry display

The wow factor

“We feel there’s something for everybody, from great grandparents to their great grandchildren,” says John.

Ticket prices

£12.50 adults, or £20 for both days

£10 for 12-16 year olds and senior citizens, or £15 for both days

£5 for 6-11 year olds, or £7.50 for both days

Five years and under go free. Wristbands will allow ticket holders to come and go during the day

The show is licensed for 10,000 visitors per day, and John is planning to provide free parking. It will help raise funds for Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

They have been planning the show for two years. Originally it was destined for Rawcliffe Bar Country Park but when that couldn’t be arranged they moved it to York Racecourse.

John said:

We hope it becomes a regular thing on the calendar.

We want people to go away from the first year and think ‘Wow!’, and go away and tell people how much they enjoyed it.

We have plans for another family event in York as well.

He first came to York to work on the giant ferris wheels which once towered over the city.

After meeting the woman who was to become his wife, he moved to Low Catton and has worked on other York events, like the Apollo Festival.

“We have worked on it for a while and feel there’s enough different entertainment to keep everybody happy,” John said.