A Victorian police station in York is being transformed into a wine lover’s dream shop and hotel

Owners Daniel Curro and Moreno Carbone in The Vices York. Photographs: Olivia Brabbs Photography
21 Jul 2020 @ 7.38 am
| Changing city

It was built to impose law and order on York’s unruly suburbs. But soon its residents won’t be villains and wrongdoers – but visitors seeking an exclusive stay in the city.

The Victorian police station on Alma Terrace in Fulford – which later became the Coppers Lodge Guest House – is being transformed into The Vices York, an exclusive hotel, offering only three stylish suites.

Business partners Daniel Curro and Moreno Carbone have created the venture. Both based in York, they are experts in the fields of design and hospitality.

Daniel, originally from Milan, a professional chef and sommelier, brings a wealth of knowledge to the venture.

The Vices York was due to open this month, however due to issues posed by Covid-19, the hotel’s launch has been delayed until the end of the year.

But the team are ready to unveil The Vices Archive.

Historic home

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This late 19th century solid red brick building, with its near symmetry, decorative chimneys and arched windows, was built here to maintain order in the terraced housing spreading out from the city centre and offering convenient distractions for soldiers from the barracks.

A shed to the rear appears to be the former police stable recorded as being here.

Source: City of York Council

Private shopping

Bottoms up!

The Vices Archive is described as “a boutique store offering a magnificent collection of quality Italian wines, champagnes and balsamic vinegars”.

“The Archive is an opportunity to experience an early taste of The Vices York. A chance to see the collection of wines that we’ve curated, and to shop in a safe and fun way,” said Daniel Curro.

Soon available to browse online, the Vices Archive will place “a huge emphasis on exceptional service”.

From police station to luxury hotel

Customers can book a 45-minute private shopping slot with Daniel, where he can share his expert advice.

“Perhaps you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, or perhaps you wish to enhance your own collection,” he said. “Either way, I’d love to help you choose the right wine or champagne.”

The Archive will be opening “imminently”. You can visit the website to sign up for the newsletter and find out more.