A grand is up for grabs in York – if you can break the corn eating record

York Maze owner Tom Pearcy tucks in. Photograph: York Maze
15 Aug 2015 @ 10.41 am
| Entertainment

It sounds corny, but there’s a grand up for grabs for anyone with a hearty appetite this weekend.

York Maze hosts the annual UK Sweetcorn Eating Championships on Saturday (August 15), with a £1,000 cash prize for anyone who can set a new world record.

Maze owner Tom Pearcy said:

As the UK’s biggest maze made out of maize plants, also know as corn, its fitting that we should be hosting the UK Sweetcorn Eating championships.

I’d love to see a UK contestant take the title for world sweetcorn eating.

The current record is held by a man from Florida in the US, who goes by the name Jammin’ Joe LaRue. He ate 46 ears of corn in 12 minutes in 2010.

It is part of a weekend of record breaking in York.

Bikers are attempting to pull the first 200mph wheelie at Elvington, and there’s a Record Breakers event for families at Rowntree Park – full details here.

How to take part

The UK Sweetcorn Eating championships are being held as part of York Maze’s annual Sweetcorn Festival.

Children will also be able to enter the challenge to eat a single corn-on-the-cob in the fastest time, and there will be prizes in various age categories, live music and the opportunity to eat corn cooked in different ways.

Anyone who would like a shot at the world record and walk away with £1,000 prize should head to York Maze on Saturday (August 15).

Heats involving eating a single corn on the cob take place between 12pm and 3.30pm with the fastest single cob eaters going through to the final at 3.30pm and a shot at the 12 minute world record.