A gallery of grub from York Food And Drink Festival

21 Sep 2012 @ 4.48 pm
| Food & drink

It's tough work… volunteers try out the food at the demonstration kitchen
The Sloe Gin was selling fast. Folk were pickled in the beer tent, and bearded at the pickle stall.

Food producers of every type were jamming, frying, pouring and pork pie-ing. Yorkshire sausage rolls were on sale next to Italian ham. And the hot cakes were selling like… well, like billy-o.

It was the opening day of the York Food And Drink Festival, and here’s our gallery of the day.


Crumbs: a man demonstrates the latest food pulveriser
Where once stood Splash Palace, now burgers are served
Life's a cakewalk on Parliament Street
Check out the chocs on that
It takes all sorts
Never skimp on the shrimp
Its swimming days are over
Brownie pack
Sloe down, one at a time… York folk rush the gin stall
Faffing with fudge
People, a pie-pile
From the city of mouse-infested windmills
A man and his mustard
The hungry hordes
From pig to plate
All hail to the Maille
Affordable homes
Serving the invisible man
Morrissey helps out on Jennie Cook's stall
Time to take a break from all that food and drink in the café
Please, no one turn the fountain on
The Towering Bunferno
Not to be truffled with
Tree-mendous beer tent
Olive some of that
More food please, as spoon as possible
Hamming it up, Italian style
Edible education
We grew that
BEFORE: the photographer's lunch
AFTER; the photographer's lunch