31 fabulous old photographs of Terry’s factory as we enter its 250th anniversary

21 Dec 2016 @ 10.01 pm
| History
Feeding the workforce in the staff canteen

Next year is the 250th anniversary of one of York’s most famous exports – Terry’s.

250 Years Of Terry’s

York’s Chocolate Story on King’s Square

From March 17, 2017

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And to mark the anniversary York’s Chocolate Story is planning a brand new exhibition.

Terry’s of York was established in the city in 1767 by partners Bayldon and Berry who opened a shop selling lozenges, comfits and other simple confectionery before being joined in the 19th century by unlikely apothecary, Joseph Terry.

Luckily, experience in sugaring pastilles and pills meant that Mr Terry adapted easily to a career in sweets. And his scientific background made him a pioneer of new products and a precise attitude to quality.

It was this quality and innovation which made the company famous. By the 20th century Terry’s had introduced the world to the boxed chocolate assortment as well as one of the world’s most iconic products: the Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Opium-based sweets

The approach to the famous factory

On March 17 2017, 250 Years of Terry’s will open at York’s Chocolate Story in King’s Square.

The exhibition will showcase a selection of the most interesting of the Terry’s products from opium-based throat sweets to some of the most beautiful and decadent chocolate boxes in history.

The exhibition will also explore the social impact on the city. Terry’s has inspired Lord Mayors, horse races and iconic architecture as well as the lives of the tens of thousands of residents who have worked for the company.

Courtesy of the Chocolate Story, here are a selection of photos that might bring back a few memories.

A colourful picture of one of the Terry’s workers. Photograph: the York Press
Fancy a Terry’s Theobroma?
Lena Zavaroni on a visit to Terry’s factory in York. Photograph: the York Press
Packing the All Gold assortment. Photograph: the York Press
The entrance to the grand factory
Please sir, can I have some more? Terry’s Oliver Twist chocolate
Just as busy as the factory floor – the office workers
Assortments of yesteryear… the Amazon, Spartan and Superfine
‘The home of good chocolate’
All powered up: the electrical transformer house
Get stuck in to the Terry’s cream toffees
The less popular Chocolate Apple, its orange cousin, and a spartan barrel
An assortment that made history
The tower and boilerhouse
Not the prettiest building: the single storey factory
A grand entrance: the reception hall at Terry’s
Another view of the reception hall
Stairway to choccy heaven
The entrance to the main office
An impressive landmark: the main office block
Working on future flavours in the laboratory
The enrober room
Ready to send a taste of York to the world
In the cake wrapping department
Sugaring almonds in giant pans
The vital work of starch moulding
In the packing room at the end of the conveyor belt
Inside one of the sales vans
The fruits of the workers’ labours