3 exotic places that will make you crave a travel career

9 May 2019 @ 2.18 pm
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York is certainly one of the most exciting destinations in the UK, with York Tourism reporting that the city receives just under 7 million visitors every year, with some coming from as far as China and Australia to stroll along the historic city walls, take photographs of York Minster, and shop along the Shambles. In fact, you can see and do more in just 48 hours in York than you can in many other places in England!

But sometimes, we all crave something a little different; a little more unusual!

Here are 3 incredible exotic destinations that will make you crave a career in the travel industry… but why wait? These places can be all be remarkably affordable with an Expedia discount code for 2019 and even last minute offers can prove to be a powerful ally!

1. Valletta, Malta

The most perfect exotic destination for anyone who gets homesick, Valletta could be described as a more exotic version of York! A former British colony (which only gained independence in 1964) has all the comforts of home — including an M&S and Matalan — nestled amongst the most exotic backdrop you could imagine. With a baroque 16th century high street, the stunning Barrakka Gardens, and the crystal-clear blue waters of the Med, it’s easy to see why the city was given UNESCO World Heritage status. If you are a travel enthusiast and writer, Malta is a perfect place that inspires.

2. Cappadocia, Turkey

The region of Cappadocia is certainly exotic, but perhaps an even better description of this incredible destination would be ‘surreal’. It’s a place that must be seen to be believed; a guide book simply won’t do it justice. With a landscape that appears to have come straight from another planet, dominated by volcanic peaks and ‘fairy chimneys’, this part of Turkey is best seen from up above. Every photo you will take on this trip will look like a professional one. Don’t forget to book a hot air balloon ride for a unique bird’s eye view, which is one of the region’s hottest must-do activities.

3. Miyajima, Japan

This small island is easily accessible from the coast of Hiroshima, and it’s completely otherworldly when compared to the hustle and bustle of the city. Dominated by the looming Mount Misen in the background, Miyajima is a place where the deer roam free (watch your pockets!), and where the famous maple trees add an almost eerie orangey glow. This is a popular place for travel photographers who flock to the coast at sunset to capture the ‘floating torii’; a torii gate that seems to float as the tide comes in.

Make it Happen

If you’re still dreaming of travelling the world — and getting paid for it — there are plenty of career choices that will take you far and wide. Whether you’re a travel writer or tour guide, babysitter or air steward, there’s lots of ways to explore the world!