28 beautiful images that show the art of the perfect coffee

2 Dec 2014 @ 10.54 am
| Food & drink

Each one is a perk of art. But while traditional artists work in oils on canvas, Fiona Rowntree creates her pictures with coffee, milk and a cup.

fiona-rowntree-city-screenHer images often reference popular cultural icons, with instantly recognisable portraits of Walter White from Breaking Bad, early video game star Pacman or Hello Kitty.

Others are beautiful patterns or caffeine creations inspired by nature.

So Fiona’s customers at City Screen in York get more than a pick-me-up when they pick up their coffee – they get a unique and transient work of art which disappears with a swirl of their spoon.

Enjoy our gallery of Fiona’s work below, and click on an image to see in more detail.

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