24 pictures of classic old chocolates and sweets – how many do you remember?

In the 1970s Smarties came in boxes, tins and tubes
1 Apr 2017 @ 9.14 pm
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In the 1970s Smarties came in boxes, tins and tubes

What an assortment!

York Castle Museum has gone through its confectionery collection for its latest exhibition and come up with these gems.

Curators have unearthed unusual sweet and chocolate collections, including rarely seen advertising and packaging for brands such as KitKat, After Eight, Yorkie and Terry’s Chocolate Orange, sweet making moulds and tools and even a tin of cocoa which went on Shackleton’s expedition to the Antarctic.

From the decadence of the Georgians to obscure delicacies of the Victorians right up to the sweets of the swinging Sixties, Chocolate: York’s Sweet Past shows the wonderful and sometimes odd ways different generations have satisfied their sweet tooth.

Chocolate: York’s Sweet Past

York Castle Museum

April 1 2017- Jan 5 2018

Museum admission: Adults £10, children free

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One of the display cases filled with vintage treats
A closer view of the display

The tour starts in the museum’s Period Rooms where the Georgian, Victorian and the Jacobean rooms are filled with sweet delicacies of the day.

Visitors then head up to the Toy Gallery to find a spectacular whizzing and fizzing sweet making machine before following their nose to find out what’s cooking in our working Chocolate Factory where you can explore what it was like to work in York’s famous factories.

As you would expect KitKats old and new feature prominently
How the bar used to look
Hatbox-style chocolate boxes were once popular

A new larger sweet shop has opened on Kirkgate, showing chocolates and sweets from Terry’s, Rowntrees and Craven’s.

The First World War exhibition 1914: When the World Changed Forever will look at how the Rowntree’s family were affected by war.

Then it’s to the swinging Sixties gallery which also has a new sweet shop displaying the fantastic advertising and packaging from the day.

Two wafers, three old pence
An unusual red After Eight box
Pastilles, gums and more
A quarter of Craven’s barley sugars, please
We don’t remember Tokens – do you?
The sweet taste of the Sixties
It takes Tallsorts
Butterscotch Gums and a football rosette
This is a rather stylish design
The fashionable choice
Terry’s Raisin Milk and two young fans. Photograph: Anthony Chappel-Ross
Not a bar, but a Kit-Cat assortment
This tin of Pure Cocoa dates from around 1828
Terry’s packaging style from the 1900s
This rather plush box is from the Sixties
This pyramid shows there was much more than just the standard Terry’s Chocolate Orange
The Chocolate Apple lasted from 1926-1954
The tin of cocoa which went on Shackleton’s expedition to the Antarctic. Photograph: Richard McDougall
A Terry’s van. Photograph: Mike Grimes
Before it became the KitKat, it was the Chocolate Crisp