23 photos show the River Ouse in flood in York as three warnings remain in force

28 Dec 2020 @ 5.43 pm
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York’s River Ouse is in flood again, affecting riverside paths and closing a park.

This evening (Monday) there are three flood warnings in place for the city, and four flood alerts.

Riverside properties in the city are affected by one of the warnings. The River Ouse appears to have peaked at 3.39m at the Viking Recorder, about 5pm today.

The River Ouse near Millennium Bridge
Floodwater looking towards Rowntree Park

There’s another flood warning at Naburn Lock, and a third at St George’s Field and Queen’s Staith.

Rowntree Park is closed, as is St George’s Field car park. Terry Avenue and New Walk are underwater.

York Central MP Rachael Maskell has expressed her concern about more flooding in the city.

“I take every opportunity in Parliament to raise the significant failures to protect households and businesses, and how the delays in providing protection to residents impacts on the stress they experience every time the river rises,” she said.

“Businesses are despairing at the lack of support they are receiving, not least as the insurance industry is turning its back on them.”


Winter trees reflected in the water
The view from Millennium Bridge
The park was shut due to the flood
The water close to Skeldergate Bridge
Water rises against the Bonding Warehouse
A familiar site
One of the lifesaving rings near the Bonding Warehouse
The Ouse waters rise
Another view
The river from Skeldergate Bridge
Dyls outdoor area
Tower Gardens
Poking above the water
St George’s Field car park was closed
The water near St George’s Field
Overtopping both banks
The long view
Terry Avenue
The water along Terry Avenue
Reflecting times