12 April Fools jokes from in and around York

Which popular beat combo could be from?
1 Apr 2019 @ 8.14 pm
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It was a vintage April Fools Day in York.

Loads of jokes and pranks were shared in and around the city, showing that when it comes to #FakeNews, this city is hard to beat.

From tripe to tea, performing animals to erotic artistes, people’s imaginations were working overtime.

So how many did you spot?

Bishy Road becomes Bishy Rude

This was a cheeky one from Indie York… a Gentleman’s Club set to open on Bishopthorpe Road.

Truffles and tripe

Meanwhile, over on Twitter someone was having a joke at Bishy Road’s expense, with a twist on the famous ‘Bile Beans sign’…

Shed heaven

York band Shed Seven have a strong social media game, and no more so than today. They had produced an entire spoof video, suggesting that you could finally buy your own shed – in the shape of a number 7.

It comes complete with a brass rainbow doorknocker, a speakeasy bar, a disco floor and dolphin weathervane. All for £777.

Simply the vest

Still with the rainbow theme, the streets look set to be brightened up considerably by this fashion statement.

York Street Rangers said they were swapping their blue vests for something much more vivid.

Pets win prizes

You’d think that city performing arts academy PQA York would be busy enough teaching all those talented youngsters.

But it announced today plans to launch Performing Arts For Pets. “Pets will learn a wide range of skills from taking direction, vocal expression and dance, to ensure they have all the knowledge needed for screen and stage.”

Back on the radio…

Over on Minster FM Breakfast Show presenter Ben Fry was hinting that his former co-presenter was staging a comeback.

For anyone familiar with the end to Roxanne Pallett’s stint on the show, that was quite a daring gag!

Music mash-up

York music retailer Gear4Music created a brand new instrument for April 1.

Just don’t ask us how you’d play it.

NRM engineering works

We’re used to replacement services on the rail network. But at the National Railway Museum?

Flock shock

The York Press had a rural rock’n’roll story.

Bolton Percy sheep farmer Simon Spinks had discovered that playing music to his flock meant their wool grew softer.

Breaking point

Food and drink always figures strongly in April Fools pranks. KitKat invented its own, very particular sort of tea. It came in three flavours, Chunky, 4 Finger and 2 Finger.

What a spread

This April Fools joke was the one most people wished was real. Yorkshire Tea said they had invented a spreadable version of their drink.

“I know the date but I would still buy this, lads,” tweeted Gav Murphy.

Grate coffee

The Yorkshire Times had a story saying that The Courtyard Dairy near Settle would now dust your coffee with finely-grated Parmesan instead of chocolate.

True story… supposedly

But one April Fools turned out to be true. Unless it’s a double bluff.

North Yorkshire foodies Heck released a tweet about plans to build to a giant sized sausage sculpture as tall as Big Ben on its farm. But then it insisted this wasn’t a joke after all…

See any that we missed? Add them in the comments below.