Is this York’s weirdest ever gig?

6 Jun 2017 @ 7.29 pm
| Entertainment

We’re just a few days away from what promises to be one of the weirdest gigs ever seen in York.

Float Tank

York Railway Institute, Queen Street

Fri June 16 @ 8pm


More details

Or, rather, not seen!

The show will take place in complete darkness with both the audience and the performers undergoing sensory deprivation to heighten the musical experience.

The extraordinary experimental event, titled Float Tank, is co-hosted by the city’s newest independent label, Young Thugs Records and the city’s hottest band, The Howl And The Hum.

More mystery

Organisers are adding to the mystery by not disclosing full details of the line-up. But YorkMix understands that members of a city choir may be involved, alongside well-known York musicians attempting an experimental repertoire.

More acts will be added to the bill nearer the date of the gig which takes place at York Railway Institute, Queen Street, on Friday, June 16.

Sam Griffiths, leader of The Howl & The Hum told us:

We want the evening to be a surprise and are asking the audience to come with open ears and an open mind.

To maintain complete darkness, we will be performing behind blackout curtains to prevent light coming from stage equipment.

A float tank is a lightless, soundproof container filled with water at skin temperature in which individuals float in isolation. The sensory deprivation heightens their awareness and promotes relaxation.

We’ll be trying to create that kind of environment in the setting of a gig. Without the water, of course!

The Howl & The Hum are set for a big future, having already earned national radio airplay for their recent single, Godmanchester Chinese Bridge.