York woman’s uncontrolled bull terriers carried out ‘frenzied’ attack on other dogs

A file picture of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Photograph © Gemma Longman on Wikipedia
16 Aug 2017 @ 8.40 pm
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A York woman was brought to court after her out-of-control Staffordshire bull terriers carried out ‘frenzied’ attacks on other people’s dogs.

Marie Conlon, 39, of Roche Avenue, did not have her dogs under control earlier this year when they attacked other animals on two other occasions.

The terriers, called Holly, Lily, Troy and Frankie first attacked a collie-vizsla cross on Huntington Road on February 20.

Conlon’s pets were running loose when they attacked the cross breed which was being walked by its owners.

The collie need veterinary treatment for its injuries and its owner sustained a hand injury while trying to stop the attack.

Bite wounds

Then, on 8 April, again on Huntington Road, a blind springer spaniel was being walked by its owner’s mother, when two of the Staffordshire bull terriers attacked it.

The dog walker described both terriers carrying out a ‘frenzied attack’, biting the spaniel’s face and neck.

Their owner tried to stop the attack until a passer-by came to help her.

Conlon arrived a few minutes after the attack and took control of her dogs which appeared to have escaped from her home.

The spaniel needed veterinary treatment for the bite wounds and the walker had hospital treatment from being injured while trying to break up the attack.

Irresponsible owners

York Magistrates’ Court. Photograph: YorkMix

York Magistrates served Conlon four court orders: one for each dog requiring her to keep them under proper control at all times, including being muzzled and on collar and lead at all times when outdoors.

The order also requires the male dogs, Troy and Frankie, to be neutered within a specified time.

Councillor Sam Lisle, City of York Council executive member for housing and safer neighbourhoods, said:

With dog ownership comes a responsibility to exercise proper control over them at all times for the safety of your own pets, other people and other animals.

This case shows that we will take enforcement action where appropriate against irresponsible owners to ensure that their dogs do not cause more injuries.