York to send hundreds to London on national anti-austerity march

York Central MP Rachael Maskell (right) joins anti-austerity protesters in York ahead of the London demo. Photograph: York People's Assembly
19 Jun 2015 @ 4.57 pm
| News, Politics

Hundreds of people in York have signed up to take part in a national anti-austerity demonstration, set to take place on Saturday (20 June).

Organisers from the York People’s Assembly say they have sold more than 200 tickets to the ‘End Austerity Now’ march and festival, which has been called by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity and has the backing of various social movements including the trade unions.

Those who have purchased tickets will get a seat on board one of the four coaches due to set off from Museum Gardens to the heart of the action in the City of London. The march will start there before heading to Parliament.

The protest follows the election of a Conservative government last month, which some fear will see further cuts impact on the poor and vulnerable.

‘Biggest demo since anti-war campaign’

Graham Martin, 31, has been a social justice campaigner for 12 years and is one of the organisers from the York People’s Assembly.

He told YorkMix that the demonstration would perhaps be the “biggest since the anti-war march in 2003”.

We booked the first coach in April, and response was initially slow. There was a huge spike in sales on May 8th, after the election results, so we booked a second coach.

It’s kept going ever since, and we’ve now got four coaches.

I’ve just had to ask the coach company for the biggest coaches they’ve got, and we’ll be taking over 200 people. Plus we know some people will go by train or make a weekend of it.

Some tickets were still available at the time of publication. To book, go to the Eventbrite page.