York teenagers praised for helping to save a person in distress

22 Feb 2021 @ 12.25 pm
| News

Two teenagers played a key role in helping a person in distress in York last night (Sunday).

The team from York Rescue Boat joined police, fire crews and paramedics at the incident on Clifton Bridge, which thankfully ended safely.

Now the charity has shared the key role two young people played in responding to the incident.

Firstly, it was the 17-year-old son of one of the Rescue Boat volunteers who came across the person in distress, close to the River Ouse, and “cared enough to stop and help”.

He called home and the “team member was quickly on the scene,” York River Boat reported today on their social media.

“They engaged with the person in distress whilst calling in other emergency services, staying there talking to the individual until further help arrived.”

Police then officially called out the York Rescue Boat crew.

Emergency crews on Clifton Bridge. Photograph: Station Manager Tony Walker on Twitter

“The first of our ‘on call’ volunteers to arrive on scene was actually our youngest operational team member.

“They took on the role of initial liaison between ourselves and the other emergency services involved, giving updates to responding team members and providing tasking details to our boat crew.”

As the Rescue Boat post puts it: “Not all 18 year olds running down a street at night are up to no good – some are racing to help others in their time of need.”