York teenager jailed for wearing his hoodie with the hood up (among other offences)

Jailed: Lewis Berkley
16 Jun 2017 @ 11.21 am
| Crime, News

A York teenager has been jailed for a series of offences – including breaching a court order not to have his hood up.

Lewis Matthew Berkley, 18, was jailed for 16 weeks at York Magistrates’ Court on Thursday (June 15).

Berkley pleaded guilty to

  • taking a vehicle without consent in April
  • criminal damage in May
  • taking a vehicle without consent in May
  • shop theft in June
  • breaching his release licence
  • and failing to surrender to court.

He also admitted breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order by wearing a hoodie with the hood up, and associating with a named youth, in Haxby Road on Sunday June 4.

Under the requirements of the order, Berkley must not: have a hood up or on a hooded jacket have the hood tied around his face in any public place; or associate with four named people.

The order is in place until October 2019.

First of its kind

York Magistrates’ Court. Photograph: YorkMix

Inspector Lee Pointon, of York Police, said: “The Criminal Behaviour Order imposed on Berkley was the first of its kind in York, and this prosecution sends a message that breaches will be treated extremely seriously.

“I hope that the public will be reassured that we can and will take action to bring persistent offenders to justice.

“Support from the public is vital to ensure we are able to identify and deal with any breaches.

“The Community Safety Hub will continue to work with partners, using a range of legal powers including criminal behaviour orders and injunctions to ensure that offenders face the consequences of their actions.”

Any suspected breaches of a Criminal Behaviour Order should be reported to North Yorkshire Police on 101.