York Stories 2012 time capsule burial

8 Aug 2013 @ 11.00 am
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Issued by City of York Council

The York Stories 2012 project is drawing to a close on Tuesday 13 August when a time capsule full of stories and artefacts collected throughout the past year will be sealed into the York Bar walls.

Cllr Sonja Crisp, Cabinet Member for Leisure Culture and Tourism, said: “Many of the stories that have been gathered as part of the York Stories 2012 project have been funny, moving and heart warming.

“Therefore it is of great importance that they are saved for posterity in the time capsule which is to be uncovered in 2212 when York will be celebrating 1,000 years of self governance.”

The time capsule has toured the city over the past three months and has made stops at York Explore, St George’s primary school, Auden House residential home and Burton Stone Lane community centre.

So far people have added many items including USB sticks loaded with pictures and stories, a copy of The Press, a chocolate mould from York Cocoa House and many other items.

The burial of the time capsule will mark the end of York 800, which saw the Queen visit the city and both the Olympic and Paralympic Torches pass through York.

York Stories 2012 was a major community project as part of York 800 celebrations. The project aimed to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to tell and share stories which were personal and unique to the city of York.

Over 1,500 stories were collected from people from across York and around the world, all of which bring York alive and will create a unique online social media archive for the city archives.

Stories about York, its people and places were collected through a programme of training, workshops and events involving over 800 participants, 50 groups, 25 artists and 50 volunteers.

For more info go to the York Stories 2012 website.


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