York St Nicks to carry out new research into wildlife in the city thanks to hi-tech donation

L-R: Volunteer David Turvey, Maria Gill volunteer co-ordinator for St Nicks, volunteer Robert Fraser and Michelle McCarthy, York's UFO from TalkTalk. Photograph: David Harrison
9 Oct 2019 @ 1.04 pm
| Business

York St Nicks will be able to carry out valuable research into the nature reserve powered by the latest laptops.

The charity which runs the nature reserve in Tang Hall received funding from York’s Ultra Fibre Optic (UFO) from TalkTalk to buy the computers. It will use them to carry out valuable research, mapping and monitoring the wildlife on the nature reserve and other green spaces across the city.

Using the geographic information system (GIS) St Nicks will map its nature reserve and other sites around York. The charity will be able to monitor wildlife and plan the work needed to support natural habitats more effectively while also providing valuable experience for its volunteers.

St Nicks chief officer Tom Waring said:

  • We’re very thankful to York’s UFO from TalkTalk for their kind donation.

    This support makes a real difference to our charity and is a comfort to know that businesses in York care about the environment and the work we do. We’re excited to put the laptops to good use!

Marketing Manager for York’s UFO from TalkTalk Michelle McCarthy commented: “We love being able to help organisations like St Nicks as they do great work for York and the local community.

“It’s important for us to be involved in local initiatives across York as we continue to roll out our full fibre connection to homes and businesses across the city.”

TalkTalk also supported the St Nicks Autumn Fayre which took place on Saturday (5 October).