York secures £250k electric charging point funding

31 Jul 2013 @ 4.37 pm
| News

Issued by City of York Council

York has successfully secured over £250,000 government funding towards introducing new electric charging points throughout the city.

The council bid for the Department of Transport funding earlier this year, which will contribute £232,500 (representing 75 per cent of the total funding) towards seven new Rapid Chargers for electric vehicles.

The charging points will allow electric vehicles to speedily top up their batteries in minutes at 50kW power output offering a choice of DC and AC charging sockets.

The location of the rapid charging points are likely to be at Park&Rides sites, city centre locations, supermarkets and petrol stations to support key user groups electric buses, electric taxis, business travel and private motorists.

Four of these will be match-funded by a total of £40,000 from the council’s capital funds. The remaining three will be match-funded by businesses on non-council land.

In addition to this, £25,500 of this funding, which again represents 75 per cent, will contribute towards up to 12 new charging points at the council’s Hazel Court, Eco-Depot for electric pool cars.

Cllr Dave Merrett, City of York Council’s Cabinet Member of Transport, Planning and Sustainability, said: “This is excellent news for York.

“We’ve been determined to improve air quality and the city’s carbon footprint and this is another great step forwards in achieving this. We are still celebrating after successfully securing £824k funding for nine new electric buses for the city in May!

“Electric Vehicles offer 50-60 per cent reduction in carbon and zero emissions of air pollution, with lower running costs than diesel which makes them an ideal substitute for businesses and organisations using the city highways.”


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