York school evacuated after fire breaks out

Library photograph: YorkMix
7 Mar 2018 @ 11.28 am
| News

Firefighters were called out to a York school this morning.

Crews from York and Acomb went to reports of a fire at the Minster School on Deangate at 9.35am.

Staff and children had been evacuated after the small fire broke out in the kitchen.

The fire was out when the crews arrived. Firefighters ventilated the school, before lessons continued as normal after all that excitement.

The Minster School clarified what happened on Twitter: “The incident involved a toaster and was minor in nature.

“Despite this, staff and pupils carried out a textbook evacuation of the building.

“No one was injured, and no damage was sustained other than the toast being too black to eat.

“Thanks to all of the pupils and staff for their good sense in carrying out the drill exactly as they should have done, and as we rehearse every term.

“School carries on as normal, and collection times are also unaltered.”