York restaurant closes – ready to transform into a taste of the Deep South

Brothers Wes and Joel Taylor, chefs at York's new Fancy Hanks Bar and Kitchen
2 Sep 2019 @ 7.48 am
| Food & drink

Food to give you the feelgood factor – that’s the plan for a popular York venue.

Cut & Chase closed its doors on Sunday (1 September) as its owners prepare to transform it into Fancy Hanks Bar & Kitchen.

The change to the Goodramgate restaurant will take two weeks, but has been years in the planning.

It was opened by brothers Wes and Joel Taylor in 2016. They are drawing on their experiences living in Florida and travelling across states like Texas, Florida and Louisiana to bring a taste of the Deep South to York.

With a bigger bar, Fancy Hanks will also provide space for live music.

‘Vibrant atmosphere’

Cut & Chase on Goodramgate, York. Photograph: YorkMix
Wes and Joel want to offer something different from the current food on offer across the city centre. Wes said:

  • The food scene in York has moved incredibly quickly over the last three years, and we need to stay at the cutting edge of that curve.

    With so many restaurants now offering a similar menu to Cut & Chase, based on local produce and seasonal availability, we’ve turned to a different kind of food that is close to our hearts, and drinking and dining experience, to stand out in a busy market.

    With Fancy Hanks, we’re turning the tables from food that is good for you, to food that makes you feel good, with a vibrant atmosphere to match – not just for special occasions, this will be far more friendly and casual; a place to chill with friends with live music in a relaxing setting all year round.

Social eating

Food at Cut & Chase. Photograph: Facebook
Joel describes the venture as ‘Shoreditch meets Deep South’. “We always described the venue as a kitchen and bar, and that will continue.

“Our cocktails – and cocktail making classes – have proved incredibly popular, and tapas-style small plates are designed to encourage social eating, with groups sharing several dishes over a longer period of time, so whether you’re looking for a hearty meal or a great way to start an evening out, you’ll be welcome at Fancy Hanks.”

Another key change for the brothers is the desire to reconnect with their clientele, with Joel and Wes planning to spend less time behind the scenes, and more front of house. Wes said:

  • Restaurants in the Deep South have a great bonhomie between patrons and those cooking their meals – this is a family-run venture, and we want to invite those drinking and dining with us to join the family whilst they are here.

Diners can expect soul food like gumbo, jambalaya and fried chicken on the menu, as well as peach cobbler and Mississippi Mud Pie.

The soundtrack will range from cool jazz and 70s soul to modern R&B. Space in the enlarged bar will be allocated to live musicians, with regular opportunities to hear up and coming local artists playing.