York police break-up crowd of youngsters after reports of under-age drinking and anti-social behaviour

7 Sep 2020 @ 7.14 am
| News

Police were called to deal with a crowd of more than 40 youngsters gathered near York – one of whom was very drunk.

Officers attended the incident on Saturday night (5 September) at New Earswick.

They said that they had received “several reports of antisocial behaviour involving this group”.

And they have called on parents to support them by talking to their children who might be involved.

“Our Neighborhood Policing officers have been engaging with a large group of youths in New Earswick this evening,” York North Police posted on Facebook.

“As many as 40+ were encountered with one heavily under the influence of alcohol who had to be taken home.”

‘Safety is our priority’

“We would ask kindly for parents to reach out to their children who are out and about as we have had several reports of antisocial behaviour involving this group.

“Whilst we are happy to see people enjoying themselves, the safety and well-being of young people and the local residents is always our priority, especially where alcohol is involved.”

Residents of New Earswick responded to the post by saying they had heard shouting. One said 90% of those gathered weren’t from the village.

And there was general agreement that parents should be more proactive.

One said the police should be tougher. “Why take them home? Give them a night in the cells and caution them like you used to do. It’s OK asking the parents ‘do you know where your child is’ but this approach isn’t working as the parents couldn’t care less obviously.”