York music latest: The Van Doos take flight, Mark Wynn drags up

Rocking Rosedale… the Van Doos
13 Jan 2014 @ 10.02 pm
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Rocking Rosedale… the Van Doos
Rocking Rosedale… the Van Doos

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First up are the Van Doos with their excellent single Airborne. The Van Doos are York guitarist Louis Bamber and singer Simon Hutchinson from Helmsley, with their drummer friend Dominic Antony, who isn’t from York, but we’ll forgive him for that.

They shot the video in Rosedale, performing under the arches of 19th century calcining kilns once used in roasting iron ore. But don’t think that is some bizarre clue to a heavy metal sound.

Sure, it’s full-bodied, but this is a glorious slice of pop-rock, the first hint at what their upcoming album might be like.

And that name? The Van Doos? For reasons no one in the band can properly explain, it’s a corruption of the French for “twenty-second”; “vingt-deuxième”, an infantry regiment in the Canadian army.

So, they have nothing to do with the army, and nothing to do with Canada. But it’s a cool name…

Video below, and you can also download the track free here.

Maverick Mark

Next up are two tremendous tracks from York maverick Mark Wynn. First up, She Fancies Me That One In Age Concern

And here’s Mark dragging up for I’m Afraid in a style reminiscent of Iggy Pop or the Velvets – even the New York Dolls, maybe he should form a band called the Olde York Dolls… Just a thought, Mark.

On second thoughts, just click the vid.

Kissing goodbye to Phil

Not forgetting this lovely six-track cover of Everly Brothers classics by the Sorry Kisses.

This duo of Hayley Hutchinson and Sam Forrest (of Nine Black Alps) has been on the York scene since 2006.

The recording is a faithful cover of classic tracks, Walk Right Back, All I Have To Do Is Dream, When Will I Be Loved, So Sad To Watch Good Love Go Bad, I Wonder If I Care As Much and Bye Bye Love, recorded immediately after the death of Phil Everly on January 3.

Over to you

And next up is… well, that’s up to you.

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